Reconciliation Crossroad of neighboring peoples

History is the Ground we are standing on.
And it is the Rock we are chained up to.

History is something we do not need to learn so that it affects our life. By family constellation work we came to know that everybody is born into the spiritual field of his family. We are entangled into the fate of our ancestors. Usually, we are not conscious of this fact, and exactly that is why their fate becomes ours, too.

Not only families but also unattached peoples have their spiritual fields, and we as their members are included and bound. Most times, we are not even aware of this bondage, and we can’t shake it off. What we can do is: Dive into it, see it, feel it and become aware in a constellation.

History leads us in two different ways: The unreleased pain from past events traumatize us, and it affects us across many generations or past lives. And history directs us via consciences: via the culture of our people, its values or ideas, and its religions.

There is no person, no group without their consciences. Inwardly, a group is kept together by conscience. Outwardly, at the same time, conscience separates every group from any other. That is because they have got different consciences, different cultures, different values and ideals, and different religions. We experience ourselves as different and we differentiate: as good or bad, right or wrong.

Every war, all the great conflicts arise because some say We are good, and you are not’.
Or, more exactly: ‘Our god is right, your god is wrong.’ And all the big murdering is in the name of good against the bad.” (Bert Hellinger)

In family constellation according to Bert Hellinger we start with a particular problem or conflict of a particular person. In the spiritual field of the constellation the unknown history behind that problem unfolds, and we see how everyone is directed by one’s field of history and conscience.

In the constellation we trust in the guidance of a force that leads us onto a higher level or dimension. It is a level on which we can leave these differences behind. It is a path of insight and realization. And this path cannot be walked by a group. Everyone has to walk it oneself. But we can create and share the condition to start this journey together.

For that purpose we are going to organize a constellation seminar, inviting participants from Greece and the neighboring countries north and east of Greece, from Albania to Turkey. Relevant topics will be presented and constellations will take place ​​concerning the reconciliation of all peoples.

Konstantinos Tokmakidis / Agapi Alexomanolaki,

Thomas Gehrmann / Ursula Steinbach,

Download as PDF: 2 On Constellation Work